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Infanta - Borzoi

CnCh AKC pointed Rokaro's Infanta Ikona CD TT CGC CGN Novice B CKC Rally Obedience
Certificates in Agility, Carting, Free Style Obedience
Co-bred with Mary Childs, DOB 09/28/98
Infanta has a special name.  She was born a few days after we lost our precious Fanta, (CnCh Calle Del Fantasia of Rokaro FCh CD) whose spirit of excellence lives on in her, and the name Infanta also means the special princess who was the eldest daughter of the King of Spain.  She still wears Fanta's green collar which has brought her luck and success.  Mother of a nice litter, she is now a grandma, and her daughter In a Pinch has puppies posted on the web site. We have her granddaughter Windnsatin Sheer Thrill of Rokaro, now with 4 CKC championship points.
AmCh Klasyx Chulista Irishlullaby JC
CnCh Rokaro Blackmoor Fandango
AmCh Windnsatin Master of the Hunt CD JC
AmCh Chulista American Beauty
AmCn MBISS P O S H Echovesna's
Islaev Top U.S. Specialty Winner
AmCnCh Kishniga Harvester Tuppence
AmCh Wind'n Satin Black Legacy Am/Cn CD SC
Birchwood Silver Legend
AmCh Aastoria Chulista Maverick
Chulista Something Special
AmCh Sirhan Baryatinsky
AmCh Windswept Glory of Echovesna
CnAmCh Kishniga's Night Rider
AmCh Kishniga's Jo Jo Starbuck
A tip of the hat
I attribute her brains to WNS Black Legacy who had both his American and Canadian CD.  I had the pleasure of meeting him many times and watching him compete in obedience in Canada.

Infanta received her basic training in classes run by Wendy Jackson in the Harley area, then with several trainers at Appleridge training academy for German Shepherd Dogs, and when we returned to Toronto, she has been in almost continuous training at K-9 Klubhouse in Pickering.  Appleridge trainers caught her on video qualifying in her first sanction match for her CD, and gave her special attention and practice sessions.  She was able to complete her CD in 3 trials. At K-9 Klubhouse she did more on her CDX prep (she has issues with wooden dumbbells), got 99/100 in Rally-O class, and made steady progress in Agility.  She is working at advanced level and will continue outside this summer.  Most unusual was her achievement of Carting I in a series of classes run in Oshawa for Bernese Mountain Dogs.  If Fanta had not died following spay surgery, she was slated to join that class, and Infanta to my great satisfaction was able to do what Fanta did not live to achieve.  Fanta was an accomplished sled dog and used to take the kids for rides on the frozen pond.  Fanta was chosen to be the poster girl for Borzoi Books Catalogue, a Division of Random House, and took her first elevator ride.  She posed on command for 3 hours for that job.  She cheerfully models clothes and hats.  She is qualified for coursing but wants to play on the field.  She could have competed in single stakes as she was extremely fast.  This kind of competition was not really her thing.  She ran well in Oval track with her friend Cody.  She left Cody in the dust, realized her friend could not keep up, sat down on the track patiently, and waited until Cody caught up to start running again.  She was a good friend and protector of her half sister Leonie, and we hope they will be back together soon.

2nd leg at Burford Trial...prize for top hound (first winner of it)

Mary Childs has had much experience with high performing dogs including with obedience her view the key is a willingness to please, which is the main element in Infanta's nature.  On our return from our carting final, with our new cart, we were told to do all sorts of gradual steps with the cart.  She is about the same weight as my grandson, so we hitched her up, helped him on the cart.  She took a peek around to see who was on the cart, then cheerfully pulled him down the laneway.  She is like the character in Phantom of the Opera who sings...anywhere you go, let me go too!
Two pups on top/right are Infanta at 6 weeks with co-breeder Mary Childs at WindnSatin in the top/left image.  At Rokaro Kennel around 6 months with Wayne Miller (Insight) to the top/right.
Finishing at Thousand Islands show
Xmas 2004
Heritage Day Parade
Black Dog Pub competition with my grandson
Infanta has achieved under several different trainers, indoors, outdoors.  She has been a pleasure to own, loves kids, great with other dogs, and my thanks to Mary Childs for the breeding that made all this possible.  We will never ever forget Fanta, but Infanta is wearing her collar with pride, and doing her best to fill her paws.  They are related in spirit, if not in pedigree.
We were attracted to a weekend program at Camp Dogwould in the Rideau Lakes area.  In spite of very bad weather, we enjoyed a Freestyle Obedience class, Dancing with your Dog.  This works for all breeds, one of the best performers being a Siberian Husky.  Some of the routines were tough for a dog as big as a Borzoi, but you should get a laugh out of our performance.  We had a rating of Most Improved !  Pass your mouse over the icon below for video.
On June 4th, at the Bernese Mountain Dog Fun Day, by invitation, she was one of 4 dogs doing a carting demonstration.  In the afternoon she passed the new CKC title of Canine Good Neighbour for her certificate and a badge.
In May 06 she did a complete run through of the Draft Dog Novice test and could do everything except pull 40 pounds up a 45 degree slope (she went down but not up!!) This was challenging as it is done off leash for all the obedience tests and pulling the cart.
Equipe Margery and Infanta gain two legs in Rally-O Novice B at Kamouraska, Quebec on July 29th, with scores of 194/196 on 200, ribbons and the Judges' Prize. We were incredibly hot...Infanta had to be hosed down and drank 5 bowls of water...but as usually has a cheery smile. We will attempt the last leg shortly.

Now that the CKC has its own official Rally Obedience title, we decided to attempt it at the Novice B level. Labour Day weekend, 2007, saw Infanta complete this title at the Greyhound Club of Canada event with excellent times, scores of 91, 93, and 95 and a second in class placement. She is a girl to be proud of. If she is still up for it, we may try for the next level in spring of 2008.