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Our History | Our Dogs ~ Bug & Kaa

Our History | Our Dogs ~ Bug & Kaa

DC Vento Danza Austri LCM, LCX (Bug) x
DC WindnSatin Ty Kaa LCM,LCX,VFCh
Breeders: Mary Childs, Dora McDonald, Roy Silguero, Curtis Judd
Bug was #1 AKC Borzoi in 2005 and remains in top 10 in 2006 and is a BIF winner.
Kaa is a BIF both AKC and ASFA.
Kaa has produced the #1 LGRA Borzoi in 2005, top 10 lure coursers, BIE, BIS sweeps and BOS in sweeps, multiple breed champions, supported entry winners and absolutely marvelous sofa decorators in her previous 2 litters.
Kaa had produced so well for us during her 1st litter: There are 3 breed champions, a 4th with all minor points done, the #1 LGRA dog for 2005, BIE, Multiple BOB winners from the classes.(3F,5M) One tragically lost with 9 points and a major from puppy class and all placements and points to ASFA FCh.
In her second litter she produced WB/BOW/BBE at the 2007 BCOA National spec. cobred by Roy,Curtis,Dora and myself. DC. Gladkii Veter Matter of Taste FCh,. She also went BOB in the ASFA BCOA trial 2007.
Raven is also a top ASFA and AKC contender in 2007. (1M5F).
So in her final and last litter we were prepared for the same high quality.
We got what we felt she has always given up. "Top Notch" functional borzoi First time in the ring WindnSatin N'Vision Fantastasia went WB/BOW for her first point over adult competition.
The "left over puppy" she is sweet, willing and beautiful in her "formal attire coat". (3M,3F)
Kaa was bred to Ch. Osdow av Fjascho,JC Ch. Yegorov's Sea of Change,CD and DC Vento Danza Austri,LCX,FC,MC and all around clown.
She is now my retired 'House mouse".
May she live as long as her mother 13.5 y/o and aunt Scarlett 14+ y/o.
Basil x Kaa pups
1st FC Gladkii Veter N'Vision Snowstag,FCh,SC. Odin ended up #2 AKC borzoi for 2009
2nd DC Gladkii Veter N'Vision Alissa,FCh ended up in top 10 AKC/ASFA coursing for 2009
3rd WindnSatin N' Vision Gyrfalcon loved and owned by Donna Kate Morgan of Ga.
ZoomZoom aka Alissa was WB/BOW for 4 point major
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