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Our History ~ Testimonials ~ Drop Zone

Our History ~ Testimonials ~ Drop Zone

Hi Mary,
We are very happy with Drop Zone; he is a wonderful boy. From the first day here, he behaved like he was always been here.
As soon he saw my two 9 years old daughters, he ran toward them and began to play. They were very proud. He really loves children. Last weekend we were celebrating our daughter's birthday. We had around 10 children in the house and Drop Zone played with them; he had a lot of fun.
I had no trouble with my other dogs. When they come in the house or when we go with Drop Zone in the yard, he wants to play with them. Of course we have to watch them, but they seem to know that he is a puppy and play carefully. My Saluki runs and always jumps over him, very funny to watch. My old male, who was no longer playing before Drop Zone came here, begin to play again!!! I included a photo of Drop Zone and his new dog friends.
Thanks to letting me have him with us. He is a great dog and we love him very much. (Ed. Drop Zone aka Zorro is now a Canadian Champion)
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