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Our History ~ Testimonials ~ Pinocchio

Our History ~ Testimonials ~ Pinocchio

Pinocchio at 18 months
Owned by Karen Stix... a gorgeous dog with a soft tangle-free coat.
Pinocchio and his breeders deserve a more complete testimonial. If one were to research the Borzoi breed on the internet, one would read that Borzoi are aloof, not good with small children, stubborn, and must be kept on a leash when outside a fenced yard.
Let me describe Pinocchio. He is extremely intelligent, loaded with personality, a picture of glowing good health, and the most agile dog we've ever owned. As a companion, he is perfection. He is friendly with everyone, desires to please us, was easily housebroken, walks beautifully on a leash without pulling, is very aware of his size, and never knocks things over in the house. We have a large fenced yard, but Pinocchio takes walks with us around our property without a leash. He is poetry-in-motion when he runs. He loves his little 12 lb. Chihuahua mix housemate and enjoys touching noses with our rescued pot belly pig. Even though our children are grown, he is gentle and sweet with small children when they visit. We have taken him to festivals, parades and parties and he is calm and attentive. He has an impish sense of humor and while he is very creative, he seems to know boundaries. He doesn't shed any more than most hairy breeds, and his coat is so soft he's impossible not to cuddle. Oh, and have we mentioned that he is magnificent looking? We feel so lucky to have Pinocchio. If you are researching breeders and choose a Wind'n'Satin or Del Sol puppy, (or breeders with these bloodlines) you won't regret it.
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