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Our History ~ Testimonials ~ Relic

Our History ~ Testimonials ~ Relic

WindnSatin Dragons Relic
Sire: Ch Kyrov-Byjou Worth Waitin For
Dam: FCh WindnSatin Ty Jadus v Coburn,JC
DOB: 18 April 2011
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I wanted to let you know how very thankful I am for Relic (now known as Arrow). This boy is everything you said he was and more. He just turned 7 months old and is now 28 inches tall and 62 lbs. His coat is amazing! Everyone stops us and gushes all over the big black curls on his back. He did his first lure coursing practice about a week ago. As soon as he saw the lure, he was ready to bust off the leash and get it. He only ran about 20 yards the first time and was perfect. The next time was about 40 yards and then one last run around 30 yards. All runs were done on a straight course. The people running the practice, a whippet club here in San Diego, all said he looked great and will do well when he's older. This group was helpful and told me all about not running him too much too soon since he still has so much growing to do.
He hangs around with my wife's doggie day care dogs (around 10 to 15 dogs of all types of breeds) during the day. He moves about them with complete confidence. He's always looking for someone in the bunch to play and run big loops around the yard. He loves playing fetch with a tennis ball. He actually can entertain himself with a toy for a long time if the older dogs won't play with him. And yes, he LOVES his chicken quarters.
Most of all, I'm so thankful for how he is with us and with every single person he's ever met. He's so affectionate and wants to say hello to everyone we see on the street. He loves walking through my legs so I'll scratch is backside. He always gives everyone the borzoi lean and expects to get his back scratched. He still has his puppy moments of wanting to dig up the backyard or try to mouth our hands but we're teaching him good manners and he wants to please. For the longest time, he wouldn't stack to save his life. In the past 3 weeks, it's finally coming along although he still has a ways to go. Working him without bait seems to be better than with. He'll be going on his first trip, this time to Sedona, Arizona and the Grand Canyon the first weekend of December. I've even had him swimming in our pool and he loves it. Too funny! I have to keep a real good eye on him because he'll try to come in on his own. He thinks he's a Lab but he swims like a Zoi for sure. Our pool is completely fenced or I'd never be able to let him outside. We also have two young cats and he gets along great with them. We've worked with him a lot to make sure he knows they're family members and not play toys. One night, we had him up on our bed and one of the cats came right over and laid right next to the back of his neck. They slept like that for about an hour.
There's a big show coming up in January with a hound sweepstakes. I'm the one who needs the practice, not him, so we've been going out and getting as much time in as possible in order to be ready for that show. I'll let you know how he does.
I'm sure you've had others tell you how awesome your dogs are but let me be just one more to be added to your list of very, very happy owners. My wife and I love him to pieces and couldn't be happier with him. I've attached some recent photos of him and I hope you like them!
Best wishes,
Evan Ray
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