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Our History ~ Testimonials ~ Rory

Our History ~ Testimonials ~ Rory

It's hard to express how happy we are with our new puppy! He's wonderful.
We drove home with only about 10 minutes of chorus then he settled right down and slept. When we arrived in Fayetteville, Tim took him for a 30 minute walk, just the two of them. I took Rory's travel blanket to our elderly dogs to sniff. (Taqa is a 13 year old malamute cross and Picasso is a 15 year old Irish wolfhound cross.) When Tim and Rory got back from their walk, Taqa's response to him was, "Hmmm. OK, fine. Where's my cookie?" Picasso's was a bit of jealousy, trying to get between Tim and Rory, but also intense curiosity. And they're all doing marvelously this morning.
Rory's only trauma came when he met one of our big cats who promptly swatted him. Though Odin is very big and has a solid right cross, he doesn't often use claws, so Rory was none the worse for wear. But now he shies away from any of the cats if they so much as peek at him. When he's in his crate, the cats treat it like TV, gathering around to stare. He stares back.
One of the things that astounds me is how well this puppy walks on a leash. Other than a brief putting-on-the-brakes moment yesterday he wandered the neighborhood with Tim without any pulling (either in front of Tim or in back). That's a huge benefit right off the bat.
He did well during the night – only 10 minutes of crying, then we covered the crate as you recommended (it was a very bright, moonlit night) and he slept all the way until 6:30 when he whimpered softly. Tim got up and took him out then we all cuddled in bed for a bit and he fell right back to sleep between us.
He had a bath this morning and mostly it was just an adventure for him. The water fascinated him. He didn't so much care for the dryer but he settled down after a minute or so.
It's safe to say that we're totally in love with this healthy, happy, handsome puppy! And we're trying Quill on him for size – he responds well to it and comes running when we call.
Thank you for the perfect Borzoi!
Peaceful Sunday,
Rachel and Tim


Rory, now Quill, is doing fantastically well. We LOVE this dog. Tim and I have had dogs all of our lives, but never one who was so perfect at such a young age. Even when he has his naughty moments they're innocent and (mostly) pretty funny.
Quill has adapted very well to living with cats. They're training him, and he's mostly obedient. He desperately wants to play with them, but knows that chasing and pouncing are strictly out. (Our big cat, Odin, helped us teach him those rules.)
We took him camping to Hatteras National Seashore recently – he was a perfect tent companion (though, thank goodness we have a large tent – he likes to sprawl). And he was an ambassador for the borzoi breed, greeting everyone politely. He was the perfect gentleman.
Quill goes to the veterinary hospital with me occasionally and says hello to his vast fan club. He'll climb in anyone's lap, walk with anyone, and play with any dog. A watchdog, he ain't!
In short, thank you for a wonderful boy.
Here are some photos. Quill at the beach at 5 months of age – he loves the beach! Quill and his favorite stuffed animal – a wolf pup. And Quill at 7 months at Hatteras National Seashore.
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