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Our History ~ Testimonials ~ Snip

Our History ~ Testimonials ~ Snip


Just wanted to give you an update on Rusty (aka "Snip," named for the snip of white on his face). He is thriving & growing, to the point where I can now pet him without even bending over.
I can't begin to tell you how happy we are with Snip. He is so mellow, completely non-aggressive, great with other dogs and with children. He loves to play with toys and is very enthusiastic, but just about the time we're losing interest, so does he. He's very affectionate, but not pushy. He's super-soft, and doesn't smell bad! He LOVES to come when called -- sometimes I think he hides just so he can create a dramatic reunion. He happily goes for long, rambling walks around the farm with us in the evening. During the day, Snip sleeps. This is wonderful, because it allows me to work. I type away on the computer while he sleeps & sleeps. He wakes up around 4:00, just when I'm ready to wind down. It's as though we were made for each other.
He chases the cats (the 2 who run from him) but doesn't seem particularly intent on catching them. The other 2 cats are his buddies. I hope this continues! I'm a little more concerned about the goose, but so far, so good. He is on nose-touching terms with most of the horses, but they stay on opposite sides of the fence.
We've lost many shoes to Snip's big white teeth, but it's been a small price to pay for his companionship (although if you have any advice for how to put an end to shoe-chewing. . .).
Greg was the one who really wanted to get a dog -- particularly a Borzoi -- and I agreed somewhat reluctantly, knowing the care & feeding would fall to me. What a great decision. Snip is my best, furry friend and has added so much happiness to my life.
I just wanted to thank you for making this wonderful breed available, and for putting together apparently great bloodlines. We don't know or care much about conformation or appearance (although we think Snip is gorgeous) -- we just know that this dog's personality is the best we've ever encountered. Thank you!!
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