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WindnSatin Silken Windhound


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Ace - Buyer Testimonials

WindnSatin Smoke 'n Ace, aka "Ace"
Hello Mary!

Now that we've had him home for a week already, Jared and I wanted to let you know how your little Ace is doing. First of all, we decided to call him Tenzin. He is doing so well! He's such a good puppy, pleasant, quiet, and almost completely potty trained already. We're so in love! He's getting along great with our dog, Jake, and it's great to see them play together. The cats have accepted him, almost immediately, actually, which is great. We've started working on basic training. It took me a few tries to find something attractive, treat-wise. Once I found something good, it clicked. He's a great puppy!

Beth Joels