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Blaze & Pearl - Buyer Testimonials

Hi Roy and Mary,

After 2 days, Blaze and Pearl are adapting very well to the life in their new home.

For Blaze, it is as she has always been living here! Pearl was a little insecure at first, but she already more confident after only 2 days. Pearl was at first afraid by Zorro but this afternoon, she accepted to play with him. Zorro is very fantastic with the puppies. I think he knows that they are puppies and he is very careful around them. I take all 3 outside this afternoon and they played together. Zorro do not jump on the puppies and do not try to chase them. He take a toy and invite the puppies to play with him. I'm proud of him:)

Coralie and Érika are really in love with Pearl and Blaze. They are taking care of them very well.

Monday morning, they were outside with the puppies at 6am, it was still dark! They are waking up sooner to have time to take care of the dogs before going to school.

I join a photo taken Sunday night.

Thanks again for letting us have these wonderful little girls.