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Aero - Buyer Testimonials

Dear Mary.

I wanted to let you know how Moment So Thrilling (Aero) is doing. He is a lovely pup. I'm amazed at how intelligent he is. He learns things very quickly and has a wonderful sense of humor. He is always smiling about something, and is very affectionate with me and his mastiff buddies. He is also very outgoing and very little bothers him. After having various dogs over the years, I'd say he is unsurpassed in intelligence and quality of temperament. And as sweet as they come. It's very obvious that you don't breed just for looks! He has everything. If I didn't already have two other dogs, I would be calling you for another puppy or two. I just adore him.

Thank you again for putting us together. I am very grateful.

These are new photos from Thanksgiving.

Best regards,
Mary Kirst